A truly Asian model, Winnie Wong is a Chinese-Mongolian model based in Singapore and Malaysia, with modelling experience around Southeast Asia, including India. She's petite, fair, lovely, but don't mistaken the sweet face for an innocent girl, as she elucidates: "A portrait is something to elaborate the detail of a person's personality and the inner beauty that has never been shown to the world." Here at Locker Room, we're more than happy to show her beauty to the world wide web...
March 15, 2013
Crazy About Her? Send Her the Right Signals
You can be straight up but where’s the fun in that? Be sure you send out the right signals...
  1. Be yourself. Nothing is sexier than a man who’s comfortable in his own skin, be it a wild child or a nerd.
  2. Treat service staff with respect. How you treat them is a sneak preview into your attitude towards other people, especially her. She’ll be paying attention. She always does.
  3. Switch off the phone or put it on silent and put it away. Make sure she’s the object of your attention for the entire night, not your shiny new smartphone
If glamour is what you clamour for, you’re going to need some AXE Dark Temptation to give you that extra edge in the dating game. Women always appreciate when you put effort in grooming, and what better signal to send than appearing smooth and confident while smelling like a real man. Click here for more.
Women feel more comfortable undressing in front of men than they do in front of other women. Women are too judgmental, and men are just grateful.