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Every time you think about throwing in the towel, think of these 10 inspiring men who went from zeroes to heroes...
In one seemingly emasculating news, Austrian men has apparently conceded that women may be better hunters…
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This is hardly surprising , but a recent study has shown that city cycling may save the planet, but not your lungs. Any city cycling aficionados here?
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It's that time of the year again to be merry, joyful and hopefully meet someone and have a great time. John Lim gives you a brief guideline...

For your appearance, what is most important to you?
Sense of style
Fashionable clothes
Great head of hair
Well-groomed facial hair
Healthy looking skin
Interesting accessories
Minimalist and simplistic
Loud colours and eclectic look
Does size matters? Well, in this case it doesn't. Watch what happens when a grizzly bear and a pet cat comes face to face.
Women feel more comfortable undressing in front of men than they do in front of other women. Women are too judgmental, and men are just grateful.
The new VASELINE MEN skin care range comes in different variants and ranges customised for the face and body to ensure effective cleansing and hydration.    

Using micro-technology and patented time release protection, REXONA MEN, the world’s #1 deodorant, has been created for men to go through their daily adventures without the worry of sweat and body odour.
With 7 solutions in one facial wash, Vaseline Anti-Acne facial wash will leave your skin looking brighter and better in no time...
The title says it all. Before you run along to the store for some AXE Shower Gel, watch this hilariously sexy AXE commercial...